Philosophical Counseling
~from the Word of God~

Making Sense of Life and Living

Overview of Service

There is a need to make sense of life and living - a need to find meaning and coherence amid all the chaotic occurrences of our lives. Often this may seem like trying to arrange pieces of a puzzle that do not fit together, and this can lead to frustration - and even to depression and despair.

Philosophical counseling can help.

The first step in the process of philosophical counseling involves the realization that all of our decisions and actions are imbued with philosophical content. In other words, each reflects the outworking of our own personal philosophy – however muddied or unclear this might seem to us at the time.

In short, bad decisions are made for a reason. Hurtful actions are also made for a reason. And senseless patterns are repeated for a reason.

Important goals of philosophical counseling are the following:

  • To help individuals identify and examine the reasons for their actions so they can better understand the philosophical framework within which they are (unknowingly) working. The content of this framework can then be critically evaluated for sense and coherence.


  • To help individuals understand central areas of concern in life where conceptual clarity are needed - areas such as the rationality of existence, meaning and purpose in life, human freedom and personal identity. A description of these (and other) areas that are often explored are listed in the general section "Client Issues" (see navigation bar above).

  • To help individuals address practical areas in their lives such as moral conflict, personal responsibility, interpersonal relationships and career decisions.

I wish all of you the very best, and please remember: God's posture toward you is always one of tenderness and compassion, because anything opposed to this disposition is "strange" and "alien" to His benevolent heart of love (Isaiah 28:21; 1 John. 4:8).

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About Me

Stuart Cedrone, Ph.D.

B.S. degree, Chemistry

Carnegie-Mellon University

M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, Philosophy

The University of Connecticut

Philosophical Counseling Practitioner

(APPA Certification #: CC00232) 

For information on the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA), visit here.

Certified Mental Health Professional

Johnson County, Texas

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