Christian Basics Related to Philosophical Counseling

The content of the download below is from a published work of mine, Righteousness Inside Out: The Believer's Guide to Experiencing the Righteousness of Christ, and it is used with the permission of the publisher, Pacific Press Publishing Association.

When you download the pdf file in the "Downloads" section at the bottom of this page, you will see that each chapter title that is listed below is also listed on the initial Table of Contents page of the pdf file. These chapter titles listed on the Table of Contents page will be hyperlinks. Simply click on any of the chapters listed (they will be colored blue), and you will be brought to the chapter that covers the relevant material.

--   Introduction 

1.   Jesus Did It All 

2.   The New Birth 

3.   The Effects of the New Birth 

4.   Surrender 

5.   Temptation 

6.   Growth 

7.   Sin 

8.   Self-Denial 

9.   Obedience 

10. The Law and the Gospel 

11. Confession and the Will 

12. Fellowship 

13. The "Good Fight of Faith" 

14. Abiding in Christ 

15. Just the Lord and You 

 --  Conclusion  


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