These were all recorded with an iPhone, so none is high quality audio.  :-)

There are plenty of mistakes as I hadn't initially planned to upload any of these mp3s to this site.

Each group gathering was simply an informal collection of friends, and  the singing was always impromptu. All recordings were thus done in an unprofessional manner.

When I recorded the solos, I ran the voice and guitar through a small  Fishman amp in an attempt to properly balance the input, and I guess I  had the bass and reverb up a bit. All others were recorded straight into an iPhone.

If any of these renditions can be a blessing to others, praise the Lord. 

A Few Selections

There is no love like Jesus' and the Father's. 

So great is His faithfulness.

Truly, He alone is God.

If we're honest with ourselves, then God leads all broken roads to Himself.

Without His love, I am nothing.

In His presence, how can my words be anything but few?

More selections will be uploaded soon. :-)