Christian Issues

The times when we most often seek counsel – whether philosophical, psychological or pastoral – are times of trial and extremity. This  is understandable, because it is during these difficult periods in our  lives when we are driven to question why we have to face  such ordeals.

We also question how we can cope with the crisis as well as how we can  understand and resolve the many issues that are brought to the surface.

All the sections below have a focus upon such times.  The points of  grace covered, however, are universal in scope; thus, they apply to every situation in our lives, and they illuminate vital truths about our walk of faith in Christ.

   --  Introduction

   1. God Punished Christ 

   2.  God Tested Christ 

   3.  We Are Accepted in Christ 

   4.  We Never Get Past Acceptance in Christ 

   5.  We Have Obeyed God's Commandments in Christ: Jesus Did It All 

   6.  We Have Obeyed God's Commandments in Christ: Fully Free 

   7.  We Are Growing In Christ: God's Grace at Work 

   8.  We Are Growing In Christ: Our Father as He Truly Is 

   9.  We Are Born Again In Christ 

   10. Our Sinful Body is Dead in Christ 

   11. We Are Perfectly Surrendered In Christ 

   12. We Are Secure in Christ 

   13. We Are Reconciled to Our Past in Christ 

   14. We Have a New Beginning (Always) in Christ 

    --  Conclusion


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